Nothing else compares to these features at this price

ControlSkin XTD fits perfectly onto your Apple Extended keyboard and is the physical interface for our unique Logic Pro workflow.  More than simply a key commands keyboard cover, the unique layout and functions make ControlSkin XTD the heart of your Logic Pro X studio as both a work surface and performance tool.





Premium quality Logic Pro X control.

Building on the success of our ControlSkin, ControlSkin XTD is perfect for both the home and pro studio offering the quality and control of a dedicated work surface. ControlKeys uses colour and layout to turn a QWERTY keyboard into a serious work surface for Logic Pro X.

Perform and capture your inspiration

ControlSKin XTD visible piano style music keyboard means that you can capture inspiration any time in Logic Pro X as it happens without the need for an external MIDI controller.

Designed to record your creativity

ControlSKin XTD can arm and record both audio and MIDI tracks with dedicated buttons. The toggle recording feature means that song ideas in Logic Pro and Logic Pro X can be developed without ever stopping the music.


Ultra quick Logic Pro workflow

Drawing on 18+ years of professional experience working with Logic and Logic Pro X in recording studios and education, Logic Café has designed the ControlSkin XTD to use at a glance with colour to give you instant control.

Fingertip Logic Pro control

ControlSKin XTD takes advantage of Logic Pro’s unique key command structure. Now the most powerful editing and performance features in Logic Pro and Logic Pro X are simply a single touch away with our custom layout.


Navigate Logic Pro with precision and speed

ControlSkin XTD offers unparalleled editing window and screenset navigation with its unique organized layout and workflow structure for Logic Pro and Logic Pro X.


Easy installation, ready to use in seconds

Simply download the included key commands file to your Mac and load it into Logic Pro or Logic Pro X