Bring the quirky feel of the ground breaking Korg DDD-1 drum machine / sampler to your music with these custom Groove Templates. The quantizes included are 1/8th note, 1/8T note, 1/16th note and 1/16T note quantizes with swing values from 50% through to 88%. All quantizes and swing variations are as made available by the actual machine.

Logic Café brings to you a selection of Groove Templates from the unique Korg DDD-1 drum machine to be used in Logic Pro. Use these groove templates with the Korg DDD-1 EXS24 and EXSP24 sampler instrument available here at Logic Cafe for a complete Korg DDD-1 drum machine experience.

Note:Due to quirks of the machine, the swing values have a unique feel which group the hits in a unique and unusual way, making quantize values past 60% difficult to apply in straight 8 and 16 rhythms. It is advisable to use the iDrum Style Sequencer , a tutorial on building the sequencer is available here at Logic Cafe, to sequence higher quantize percentages in order to get the true feel of the machine.

To add the groove quantizes to your Logic Pro setup, click on the link to download the file containing the grooves. Open the download and copy the Oberheim DX templates into your song / autoload then follow the Create Your Own Groove Quantizes lesson here at Logic café.

The Korg DDD-1 was the predecessor to the DDD-5 drum machine and offered many more professional features. Retailing at $1000 (U.S.) the machine did not come cheap but can be picked up quite easily now on sites such as Ebay.
The main features of the Korg DDD-1 are:

  • 14 factory sounds
  • roll and flam functions
  • 100 pattern memory
  • 10 Song memory
  • Step record
  • 12 bit sampler
  • Full MIDI receive and transmit
  • Velocity sensitive drum pads
  • 4 ROM card slots
  • 1 RAM card slot


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