Add the groove of the MPC 1000 to your Logic Pro tracks with these custom Groove Quantizes. The quantizes included are 1/8, 1/8T, 1/16 and 1/16T quantizes with swing values from 50% through to 75%.

Logic Café brings to you the amazing groove of the Akai MPC 1000 sampler and sequencer as groove templates to be used in Logic Pro

To add the groove quantizes to your Logic Pro setup, click on the link to download the file containing the grooves. Open the download and copy the MPC 1K templates into your song / autoload then follow the Create your own Groove Quantizes lesson here at Logic café.

The MPC 1000 is a versatile music production unit, at home both in the studio as well as in live performance situations. The second most portable in the current Akai MPC series, the MPC 1000 first launched in 2003 and had a blue case with grey drum pads. The smallest of the MPC family at the time, the MPC 1000 came packed with the professional features associated with the MPC series and its small footprint made it an attractive option for producers on the move. 

In 2005 the MPC 1000BK was released, sporting a new look with a black outer casing. Both the MPC 1000BK and the original MPC 1000 suffered with issues relating to the technology used in the pad sensors and in 2007 Akai offered a pad upgrade for users to purchase. The pad upgrade was shipped fitted on the later MPC 1000BK-N models.

A Japanese developer known as JJ has developed an operating system for the MPC 1000 giving the unit many of the features associated with the higher end of the MPC family, making the MPC 1000 one of the more popular Akai products available.

The main features of the unit are:

  • USB port (Mass Storage Class)

  • CompactFlash card reader

  • 16 velocity sensitive pads

  • 4 pad bank keys

  • 2 MIDI inputs, 2 MIDI outputs

  • 100,000 note capacity 64-track sequencer

  • 16 MB sampling memory (upgradeable to 128 MB)

  • Effects as standard

  • Multiple analog outputs as standard

  • Timestretch and pitch shift (added in OS 2.0)

  • JJOS compatible

  • Space for an internal hard drive to be fitted

Download MPC 1000 Groove Quantizes(.lso 170KB)

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