This lesson will show you how to add Rewire functionality in Logic Pro and will enable you to sequence and mix your Rewire instruments from within the Logic Arrange page.

One of the more obvious improvements in Logic Pro is the ease of use, set-up and functionality of the Rewire facility.

Utilising the Library tab from the Arrange page, Logic Pro and Express 8 users will find using Rewire instruments as simple as using plug-in audio instruments.


Note: Rewire applications must be launched after launching Logic in order for the application to Rewire properly.

Step 1

In the Arrange page, click on the New Tracksbutton located above the track selector.

Step 2

In the dialogue box that appears click External MIDI. After the box has changed to show you the options for adding External MIDI tracks, type the number of Rewire channels that you wish to add. In this example we are adding 4 new tracks.
When you have entered amount of Rewire tracks you wish to add click Create.

Step 3

In the Library Browser, double click on the folder of the Rewire application that you wish to use. This will launch the Rewire application.

Note: If your Rewire application does not appear in the Library try launching it manually after launching Logic.

A list of instruments and devices loaded into the Rewire application will appear on the right hand side of the library tab.

Step 4

Select on of the new External Instrument tracks on the Arrange page. In the Library tab you will now be able to select one of the Rewire devices to play in Logic.

You will not be able to hear anything yet. Do not panic, the next steps will add audio functionality to your Rewire setup.

Step 5

At the bottom of the arrange page click on the Mixer tab

Step 6

In the Mixer tab click on Options>Create New Auxiliary Channel Strips...


Step 7

At the top of the resulting dialogue box type in the number of auxiliary channels that you wish to create. This may correspond to the amount of External Instrument channels you created in step 2. When you have selected the number of tracks click create.


You also get the option whether you would like the Auxiliary channels to be mono or stereo. Don't worry if you have selected mono and you wanted stereo or vice-versa, you can toggle the track from mono to stereo by clicking on the button on the channel strip as in the picture below.

Step 8

To assign your Auxiliary channel strips to Rewire channel audio outputs click on the Input selector of the Auxiliary channel strip and navigate to one of the Rewire inputs.

Note: To know which Rewire Input is routed to which device you must select the corresponding outputs within your Rewire Application. Please refer to your Rewire application documentation for instructions on how to do this.

Step 9

You are now ready to use your Rewire devices! Select one of the channels in the Arrange page to play and record your Rewire devices as you would any other MIDI instrument.
Remember, you can also add Logic Pro and Logic Express 8 plug in effects to the Auxiliary channels you created.


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