This lesson will show you how to wire the audio outputs of your Re-Wire host (eg. Reason, Ableton Live) into Logic Express and Logic Pro. This lesson can be used alone or in conjunction with the MIDI Rewire lesson in Logic Café

Note: To Rewire in Logic Pro 8 and 9 click the following link:

Logic 7.2 users need only carry out steps 1 - 5 due to its ability to provide stereo ReWire objects.



Step 1:

In the arrangement page select Window>Environment from the top menu bar.

Step 2:

In the environment window, click in the gray parameters box to the left and select Audio from the pull down menu. This will open the Audio Environment

Step 3:

Now you are going to create the channels from which you will receive the audio signal from your Re-Wire programme into Logic. In this lesson we create 2 channels (stereo left and right) but you can create as many as you need to channel from your Re-Wire programme.

Remember: Any stereo instrument will require two separate audio objects to act as a left and a right channel. Logic 7.2 users benefit from stereo Re-Wire support making Re-Wire audio objects act as regular audio objects with a stereo switch at the bottom thus requiring only one audio object per stereo signal.

In the environment window select New>Audio Object from the pull down menu. Repeat this step to create as many Audio Objects as you require. For this lesson I have created 2 rewire objects.

Step 4:

If your Audio Object appear as small icons, double click on each in order to expand them.

Step 5:

In the grey parameters box to the left of the Audio Environment click on the part labelled Channel: and in the resulting menu select Rewire>RW:Mix L.

Logic 7.2 users need not continue from this point as the Re-Wire Audio Objects created have the capacity to be stereo objects. Simply click on the mono/stereo toggle button at the bottom of the audio object to activate its stereo capabilities.
You may now enjoy Re-Wire connectivity between the likes of Ableton Live and Propellerheads Reason with your Logic Pro or Logic Express application.

Step 6:

Click on and drag the Pan Pot all the way to the left (value -64).

Step 7:

Repeat the process for all of the other Audio Objects you have created.
Click and select RW:Mix R from the Channel: option in the grey parameters box on the left of the environment window in this example. Follow on with RW:Channel 3 etc.

Step 8:

Click and drag the Pan Pot all the way to the Right (value +63). Note For mono Re-Wire Channels (such as a bass) you may not wish to pan the channel at all. In this case simply leave the Pan Pot in the Central position (value 0).

Step 9:

The next step is to send the two mono channels RW: Mix L and RW: Mix R to a stereo bus to be used as a stereo output.
Click on the out section of the RW:Mix L audio object created and in the resulting pop up menu select Bus>Bus 1. Repeat the process for the RW:Mix R Audio Object. Use separate busses (eg. Bus 2) for other stereo Re-Wire instruments as desired.

Step 10:

Click on Bus 1 in order to select it.

Step 11:

Click in the grey parameters box to the left of the environment. Click on the part that says Bus 1 and type in and rename the bus Rewire Bus.

Now you are ready to hear your ReWire instruments through Logic Pro or Logic Express.
Note: Your Rewire host MUST be loaded AFTER Logic in order for the Rewire function to be enabled.

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