This lesson will show you how to construct a user environment in logic which will enable you to sequence your Rewire instruments from within the Logic programme. NB: This will only work with Logic versions 6 and 7 on Mac OSX. OSX Rewire functionality on Logic Version 5 never worked properly. The bug was fixed in version 6

Note: To Rewire in Logic Pro 8 and 9 click the following link:

Rewire is temperamental.
In our experience, it is best to work until Step 9 and save the Rewire template BEFORE opening reason. You may then continue to step 10 on as many sessions as you like.


Step 1:


In the arrangement page select Window>Environment from the top menu bar

Step 2:


In the environment window, click in the grey parameters box to the left and select Create from the pull down menu. This will create an environment called unnamed.

Step 3:


In the environment window, double-click in the grey parameters box to the left and rename the environment Rewire.

Step 4:


Next you need to create Rewire objects which will eventually become individual rewire instruments such as the NN-XT sampler and Redrum in Reason. The amount of Rewire objects you create is relative to the amount of separate rewire instruments you will be able to programme from your Rewire host such as Reason or Ableton Live.
In the environment window, select New>Internal>Rewire from the menu bar. This will create a Rewire Object in your Rewire environment window. Repeat this step to create as many Rewire Objects as you require. For this lesson I have created 8 rewire objects.

Step 5:


Rename each rewire object individually by selecting the rewire object you wish to rename and clicking in the grey parameters box to the left. The rewire objects in this lesson have been renamed Rewire 1 through to Rewire 8.

Step 6:


The next step is to insert the Rewire objects as individual channels on the arrangement page.
In the environment window, select all of the Rewire objects you have created and click on Edit>Copy from the drop down menu.

Step 7:


Close the rewire environment window down by clicking on the appropriate button in the top corner.

Step 8:


Double click on the empty track space below the last track. This will create a copy of whichever track in the arrangement is selected. In the example below, Inst 8 is selected, therefore a duplicate will be created in the empty space below.

Step 9:


In the menu bar select Edit > Paste. If you have selected more than one Rewire Object from your Rewire Environment, a dialogue window will appear with the words create new tracks for Environment objects. Click on Create.

Step 10:


In the grey parameters box to the left of the screen, click the Channel section and select your Rewire instruments from the resulting pull down menu.

NB: Your Rewire host needs to be running and the corresponding instruments need to be loaded into the Rewire host in order for them to appear in step 10. If they are not, only the channel numbers will appear.
Your Rewire host MUST be loaded AFTER Logic in order for the Rewire function to be enabled.

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